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Do you find it challenging to fit everything in while keeping instruction meaningful?
This is the place to be if you want to maximize your teaching impact while minimizing your planning time.

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It can feel overwhelming to

📚 Get through your entire curriculum and meet state standards

📝 All while meeting the needs of diverse students

💡 And keeping students engaged while providing rigorous instruction

It does take a lot of time to create cross-curricular, differentiated, and engaging resources. 

But I've got you covered

I love creating these resources for my students, and I want to share my ideas & resources with you and your students, too!

See what teachers like you are saying:





 “My students loved that we could learn from two subjects in one resource. Learning about our state using numbers was a highlight of their day.”


about Math about Missouri


“This was a super fun and differentiated way for my students to practice text structures”


about Thanksgiving Text Structure Practice

 “This was a fun and engaging way for us to review decimals and fractions at the end of our unit. It was challenging in a fun and exciting way. 


about Decimal Review Interactive Scavenger Hunt


Some of my favorite (and soon to be your favorite) resources

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Hi! I'm Julie from Llama with Class


I am right here with you on the journey to make every teaching moment count! This is my 14th year teaching upper elementary students, and I know firsthand how hard it can be to “get everything in.” When planning and teaching I try to maximize my teaching impact – whether that means making something cross-curricular, changing up a lesson to differentiate and suit my students needs, or just finding a way to increase engagement

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