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A Picture Book From Each State – An Exciting Way to Learn about the 50 States with Books

A few years ago, I started reading a picture book from each state during our read aloud time so we were touring the U.S. through books and learning about our diverse country. This read aloud theme can be quite fun and educational and works great for any read aloud routine. You can plan to read books back-to-back at a given time or scatter books throughout the year based on states’ “birthdays.” My students and I loved reading so many different books and learning about our country through literature. 

Picture of a book with math worksheets with text that reads, "tour the U.S. through books and connect reading, social studies, and math

While we were touring the U.S. by find a book for each state we also connected to geography, history, and math. 

Picture of a book with a worksheet to record information about the state information with text that reads, "Grab this book response page for free."
  • To document our tour, students are given a blank U.S. map and as we read a book from each state students color in that state. This is a great way for us to track what states we visited. 
  • We also complete a math worksheet that matches each state. By answering basic computation problems, students learn about each state’s capital and state symbols. Students loved creating a booklet of all the information we learned. If you are curious about this resource, read more about math about the states here.
  • A few times I sorted the books by regions. Students had to learn the states and capitals from each region and used these practice pages to help them memorize this information. 
Picture of worksheets matching states and capitals with text that reads, "learn about states based on their region."

It took me some time to find a picture book from each state and the selection has changed a little bit over time. There are some states’ books that I absolutely love, and some others that just seem ok. Either way, I wanted to share my list with you in case you want to add this touring the U.S. through books to your read aloud plans. Please note, as an Amazon Associate, I receive a commission from purchases made using  the links below.

A book from each state image with a map of the U.S. with book clip art and text that reads, "Find a book for each U.S. state."

I hope that you find a way to share a book from each state with your students! They will love touring the U.S. through books (+math!). You can either set aside to do all these sates during a chunk of time or spread it all year based on the anniversary of statehood. 

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